Like: Memetic Analo­gies in Social Media

Memes circulating on the net articulate simple comparisons with political intent, for example as an analogy between the USA today and "Weimar" back then, or between German and American coming to terms with the past. But as catchy as such analogies are, they also hide a lot of contexts.


The Colour of Coffee: Racism, Gender and Coffee Consump­tion in 19th Century Algeria

Today, coffee is consumed everywhere in the world. Despite its neo-colonial forms of production, it is a drink which brings people together, but the consumption of coffee in 19th century Algeria tells a very different story.

Trans­ra­cial Iden­tity. Rachel Dolezals Kampf um Anerkennung

2015 wurde die Vorsitzende der Bürgerrechtsorganisation NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) in Spokane (WA) als Weiße „geouted“. 2017 veröffentlichte sie ihre Autobiografie und beansprucht seitdem eine transracial identity. Was ist falsch daran, wenn „Rasse“ nur ein Konstrukt ist?