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Kateryna Busol

Kateryna Busol is a Ukrainian lawyer specialising in international human rights, humanitarian and criminal law. Since 2015, Kateryna has worked for Global Rights Compliance (GRC). Within GRC, she advises Ukrainian state actors and NGOs on best practices in the investigation and prosecution of international crimes and on cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC). Kateryna was a fellow at the Kennan Institute and a Visiting Professional at the ICC.

Politik und Völker­recht. Drei inter­na­tio­nale Völker­rechts­ex­per­tinnen disku­tieren über die Anne­xion der Krim

Vor fünf Jahren wurde die Krim durch Russland annektiert. Drei Völkerrechtsexpertinnen aus der Ukraine, Russland und Deutschland diskutieren darüber, wie Völkerrechtsfragen zum Spielball politischer Interessen werden.

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Poli­tics and Inter­na­tional Law: Three Inter­na­tional Experts Debate the Annex­a­tion of Crimea

Five years ago, Russia annexed Crimea. Three international law experts from Ukraine, Russia and Germany debate how international law issues can become a pawn of political interests.

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